Friday, October 28, 2011

Final Fall Magnet is a few weeks past due but beautiful!
Mag Friends - Acorn
I designed this Acorn as one of the "Fall" magnets and many others over the summer for this season.  The Pears, a couple Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness pieces all made it in. Other Halloween, November and Thanksgiving specific designs just did not come to fruition.  Next year for sure! Another learning experience for me.  However, I did get to slide this little pumpkin in.  I came across it at a local store. There were not many of them and they all went (but 1 - for me) to Amy's Golden Strand.  
Amy's Pumpkin
After seeing all the snow out West and the first Nor'easter this year, Fall is almost over for those of you who get it.  The pictures on Vicky De Angelis' blog, Mostly Needlepoint yesterday were spectacular!  We do not get anything like that in South Florida.  It is gorgeous here, don't get me wrong, but totally different!
Thanksgiving is around the corner and I have seen many new classes and clubs coming that the Mag Friends Acorn will be perfect for.  Either the canvas or your outfit.  I thought of both the Melissa Shirley piece for Aristeia's retreat and Kelly Clark's "An Elegant Thanksgiving" at The Needleworks.