Mag Friends - Exclusives at Shops or by Artist/Designer

All items on this page are Exclusive to the Shop / Artist /Designer in which they are designated.


Happy Cat

Jolly Roger
Bee Fobs and Magnet

Hello Kitty



Designer's Desk

Diane Herrmann

We now distribute these.  Available in lavender too.

Fiddlesticks Too
Fiddlesticks Too Whacky Camel -Logo
Needle House

Pink Girl - Logo

Needlepoint in Paradise
Double Palm Tree Logo
Peacock Alley

Peacock - Logo

Quail Run
Quail - Logo

Kirk & Bradley formerly - Kirk & Hamilton
K & H Polar Bear
Raymond Crawford
Coming soon for ANG Seminar in Chicago
Hot Dog

A sample of some Custom Shop logos 
and special interest:

Washington MonumentAvailable at Waste Knot