Saturday, April 2, 2016

Je suis pres! Look hoos arriving for an outlandish April

Et vois? 
Are you ready for the Outlander season on Stars? 
How about Game of Thrones on HBO?  
Accoutrement Designs has what you need for any themed stitching event!
Flag of Scotland
(monster - pair of 13mm x 3mm magnets)
Other Outlander & Game Of Thrones related accoutrement on the inspirations page.
Some available in cases too.

Other new items for April:      
Owls (glamorous- Pair of 13mm x 2mm magnet)



Purple Owl coming soon.

Pearl Crown finally came in!
Crown (pearl)
(monster pair of 25mm x 10mm x 2mm magnets)

(monster - pair of 17mm x 2mm magnets)