Bead/Needle and Needle Cases

Bead/Needle & Needle/Scissor Cases
Bead/Needle Cases -  have a magnet on top to hold needles and a custom silicone sticky mat on the bottom for beads on the inside.
  The silicone is great as it is sticky enough to keep beads from moving around unlike the felt type beading mats and does not leave any residue on the beads/crystals like an adhesive.  The silicone can be revitalized with water using a damp cloth.

Needle/Scissor Cases are similar in style but do not have the silicone mat but a second magnet.  

Attach a case to your canvas with a Mag Friend for quicker and easier beading.

The cases come in colorful aluminum and topped with sparkly accoutrement which makes it fun and unique for when you are on the go and coordinates with your mood, project or holiday.

Cases come accoutrement topped, plain or printed.

Colors available as of March 2019 including another darker gold.

of colors and styles available - subject to availability.

I heart Series - Goldwork (gold case), Quilting, Cross-Stitch, 2 Stitch, 2 Knit, Knitting

Other Printed Cases

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