Sunday, October 23, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

Baking was a hobby before I started stitching and I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house.  I thought stitching a gingerbread house was a better idea since it will last longer.  Besides, it has less calories and it will not end up in the garbage after the holidays.  I bought this canvas several years ago as a souvenir after the ANG seminar at Indian Wells.  I beboped around San Francisco for the day going to different destinations and needlepoint shops.  
Susan Roberts canvas from Needlepoint Inc.

This year I thought about going to's  Gingerbread retreat in Asheville, NC.  However, I have another huge commitment for November and December plus the Holidays. So yet another year it comes out of the stash to be worked on.
Candy Cane Collection

Gingerbread Collection
Now to decide on the accoutrement.  I will probably have both magnets and more on there.  One or two magnets on a project does not work for me.  I usually have them in all four corners and sometimes the sides too. Either of these collections or a mix will go nicely with many of your projects and the upcoming holidays.  The magnets make great pins and presents.

Stitcherie has a challenge starting November 1st to the end of January.  "House" by Dan DiPaolo through Kelly Clark Designs.  Kelly Clark and Ruth Schmuff  have given ideas for threads, stitches and techniques to complete the piece.

Marsha's birthday cake
Last week I did whip up 2 halves of a foe gingerbread halloween cake for a friends birthday with chocolate graham crackers and store bought items.  The second floor and roof were too top heavy to put on since it was in pieces. We decided this was an abandoned haunted house after a hurricane.