Magnet collection uses and holder ideas

The most popular uses for our magnet collections are as Pins, needle minders and where ever magnets are used in general.

Other ideas:

Embellishment on your canvases:

These items that can be framed and used as a calendar board insert.  A magnetic one of course!  Your local framer can help you or if you can make one yourself - go for it!  These can be finished into decorative art or an ornament as well.

Glass charm
Smaller magnets work best, particularly for the foot of the glass.  The glass has to be one with a high inset.  Be sure to drink from the other side if you are using it on the bowl or near the rim.

Gift Card
Place a magnet on a plain card as the decoration.  It is also the gift.  For Holidays or Valentines.

 *Special Valentines available once a year at the January Market while supplies last.

On metal napkin holders-
These are inexpensive metal napkin rings but you could also glue magnets on non-magnetic ones. (watch the axis)


Not everyone has long hair but this can be used for other purposes.  Like a rolled canvas in your stash and keeping the matching magnet that MUST stay with that canvas. Kind of like the threads kits where you never borrow from.  Another napkin ring or where you would need a fancier band.  I think this came from Michael's.
Magnet holder and display ideas:
On a Calendar-
I found this at Nordstrom's few years back.  It is painted sheet galvanized sheet metal.
plain magnet boards can be found at any office supply store or general use store like Target and Walmart. The Container Store also has a variety.  Use them to hold stitch guides or frame them for a bulletin board using a stitched item as mentioned above

Earring/jewelry holders

Metal decor from craft stores.

Metal ornamentation used in decor or from a store garden center. The topiary can be on a cake plate/lazy susan so it can spin. It makes a great Christmas Tree.

Needlepoint Now a few years ago showed a metal tray with a ribbon through to hang on a wall.  That was lovely too.