Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Items & Sample It! for Phoenix

Accoutrement Designs
Booth 934

Large Classic
Scarab, Game of Thrones, Bee Shopping Bag,
Keep Calm in Blue, Orchid or Red
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Hawaiian Fish - in Blue or Black)
Butterfly, Poodle, Dog Bone, eeek! 

Geisha, love, Hearts (pink/red) Fox (pink/blue) Snowflake 2015, Honeycomb Bee, Thistle, Happy Face (yellow), Pot of Gold, Fleur de Lys (pink, blue or black)
Printed Cases


Sample It!

Some old favorite magnets brought back to have matching cases. 
Red Slippers

Red Nutcracker

Blue Starfish


 Sample It!  
A limited number of magnet and matching cases both in Bead/Needle and Needle/Scissor are being sold as a package set on Friday night.  Any surplus will be available at Booth 934.
This may be the only opportunity to get the magnet 
if you missed it previously for the Red Nutcracker and Red Slippers. The magnet will NOT otherwise be available individually at the booth.  This may be the last chance to get cases for the Crown, Cherry Blossom and Union Jack Heart