Mag Friends Information

In needlearts, we use magnets mostly to keep track of our needles on projects. The more projects you have, the more magnets you need for all of those UFO's, WIP's and PHD's*. Then there are those larger projects where you need as many magnets as tacks to keep track of all the needles and threads for each area. But we also wear them as pins.

What sets us apart from competitors and doing it yourself? 

Mag Friends designs the majority of the pieces we use and have them manufactured. On occasion some pieces are purchased ready made or we use similar designs on the market and have them manufactured. 

The other difference is the size, strength and quality magnets we use - Neodymium Iron Boron (NIB or NdFeB).  We have these manufactured for us too in different sizes and strengths to coordinate with our pieces.  We use triple plated (Nickel, Copper, Nickel), N42 or higher for strength and dually magnetized.  The magnet size and strength is what makes Mag Friends practical and useful.  The plating and material is what makes it durable against corrosion.  The triple plating should not bubble, flake or peel off when manufactured correctly.  These magnets are strong. So strong they come with a warning, but not so strong that you can not slide them apart. There is a "Glamorous" Collection (meaning crystals/rhinestones) and a "Classic" Collection

Classic - No crystal(s) or Rhinestone(s)

Glamorous - Crystal(s) or Rhinestone(s)

Monsters - Larger round or bar magnets

Custom & Exclusives

We offer a wide range of different size pieces and magnets for different projects and uses.  Not everyone or every project will warrant crystals or same size magnets.

When I first started needlepointing I was frustrated that the Trolley Needle kept falling off the magnet.  I was told the trolley needle was not magnetic.  In my opinion, the magnet was not strong enough.  This frustration compiled with not finding a matching/corresponding magnet for the piece I was working, the current holiday, my mood and all my other magnets in use on other projects led to the creation of Mag Friends.

Strong magnetic fields of neodymium magnets can damage items such as television, computer monitors, credit cards, bank cards, computers, diskettes and other data carriers, video tapes, mechanical watches, hearing aids, loud speakers and VCRs. Pace-makers may be damaged or switch to "Test Mode" in the presence of a strong magnetic force, if a pace-maker is in use, keep a minimum of 3 feet distance.
Keep away from children

UFO - Unfinished Objects
WIP - Works in Progress
PhD - Projects half done