Monday, February 8, 2016

New Year - New Idea! It is year of the Monkey!

In honor of Chinese New Year!

Another use for all of your magnets!

Use your magnet collection on napkin rings for a spectacular tablescape making any occasion extra special and personalized.

Similar to those seen at high end stores like NM and Barney's

These napkin rings are inexpensive metal but you could also glue a plain magnet to other kinds - watch for the degree attractions. At Mag Friends we have attempted to make all the magnets the same degree direction this past year.
Happy Cat
Red is a symbol of good fortune and joy. 
Other new items for this time of year.
Ruby Crown
(also available in Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond - Pearl coming soon)

Red Plaid

Red Gingham

samples for the upcoming days 
Shops have placed orders and many of these items are at your LNS/favorite shop or on the way, order today!

More new items can be seen on the 2016 tab.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Politically Correct - New November Items

Great pins to wear at any political event not just as a needle minder for your project.  

A great gift for any politico.
Republican Elephant

Democratic Donkey
Are you on the fence, in a split household or just like Elephants and Donkeys?  Get both!

Monster - Pair of large magnets -  10 x 5 x 2mm

Informal poling taking place for fun!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

What's Brewing for October?

New for October

Just in Time for Halloween!


Brewing Witch
(pair of 20mm x 2mm magnets)

(pair of 25mm x 5mm x 2m magnets)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Destination Dallas New Item Introductions

Just Announced!

For Destination Dallas Attendees* 
Be sure to stop by room 429 if you are a retailer.  If you are not a retailer be sure to contact your local/favorite shop!

*Retailers not able to attend Dallas market these items will be available in December.

Classics Collection:
(pair of 10mm x 3mm magnets)
Mr. & Mrs Claus
(pair of small bar magnets 20mm x 5mm x 2mm)

Christmas Tree Cookie
(pair of 20mm x 2mm magnets)
Cowboy boot - Red
(Pair of long bar magnets - 25mm x 5mm x 2mm)
Cowboy boot - Black
(Pair of long bar magnets - 25mm x 5mm x 2mm)
Sneak peak for October... (Available at Dallas Market)
(Pair of long bar magnets - 25mm x 5mm x 2mm)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New for September!

New items announced for September!
See these and more at 

Needlework Galleria Retail show Sept 24-26 in St. Charles, MO, 
ANG Seminar Boutique - Needle Nest) in Myrtle Beach, SC Sept 25-Oct 3rd 
Destination Dallas Market for wholesalers, Room 429, Sept 26-28th 
contact your local or favorite retailer to order now while they last!

Large Classic:

(pair of 17mm x 2mm magnets)
(pair of long bar magnets 25mm x 5mm x 2mm)
(pair of 10mm x 3mm magnets)


Pair of short bar magnets 20mm x 5mm x 2mm)

Pair of 17mm x 2mm magnets

Pink Pansy
Purple Pansy
(pair of long bar magnets 25mm x 5mm x 2mm)
 Limited Ed:
Pair of 20mm x 2mm magnets


Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Cat Days

In honor of all the "Cat" days.

INTERNATIONAL Cat Day or WORLD Cat Day is August 8th
INTERNATIONAL Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17
This is not to be confused with NATIONAL Cat Day - October 29th or National Black Cat Day (UK) October 30th or National Black Cat Day (USA) November 17th.
If you have a cat, EVERYDAY is Cat Day!

If not cats, are you an Alabama fan or how about a knight in shining armor? 


Black Cat

Gold Cat

Silver Cat

Gray Cat

Calico Cat

Black & White Cat

Alabama Elephant
Blue Armor
Red Armor

Friday, June 19, 2015

National Martini Day - June 19th

In honor of today's celebration:
Cosmo & Green Apple Martini Fobs
 If you were at the Columbus market this design may look familiar.  It also works for the Buckeye.  These designs were introduced exclusively at market with this show and attendees in mind.
Buckeye (crystal)
Buckeye (glass)
Some other old favorites back in stock. 
Available in cases and magnets.
Blue Starfish
Ruby Slippers
Eiffel Tower
Purple Grapes (only)
Many colors and styles available
New items coming in July - a sneak peek of more Limited Edition Animal Prints