Saturday, April 28, 2012


Information for wholesale and retail clients.

We get request for special items often and sometimes we can accommodate those wishes.  These items are usually small quantities and at the mercy of the source.  Sources range from local artist and shops to the vast world wide web.  For instance, this Pumpkin came from a local source and is exclusive to Amy's Golden Strand.

Coming soon is a Skull and Crossbones for Sheena's Sweet Stitches, that will be sold only through her distributor - Bedecked & Beadazzled. But you will have to call or email the shop to see what they have of these and other items available and in stock.  

Fob Friends can be customized too.  Some are made to order.  For example, this fob was done to go with a pair of Gingher Tessa scissors and incorporate her favorite green color.  

Bedecked and Beadazzled has a whole line of custom fobs but you will have to contact them to find out what is available.

The bug has hit and there are more to come.  A blog page is being added just for Exclusives.  As a designer, teacher or shop consider an exclusive, first dibs or other custom pieces to fit your upcoming designs, classes or projects.

First dibs is an agreement for a first opportunity for an agreed upon specified time frame.  Like the the Liberty Bell from the Destination Dallas show or some of the mystery gifts from Ruth Schmuff at Bedecked & Beadazzled.  No pictures or that would spoil some of the mystery.


Then there is a whole line of custom glass magnets.  Many are shop logos.  A perfect shop souvenir, momento or gift. 
The Washington Monument with a Cherry Blossom is available at Waste Knot.  It was to commemorate a trip and time with friends.