Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inspirations and Pairings

This is a business blog but that doesn't mean it has to be boring.  So in addition to posting new items, every so often I will share what and where some of my ideas come from both old and new.  I will add both Inspiration and Pairings pages to the blog.  This one is both.

So first up.  I love animals but I am partial to cats.  I have 3 Sphinx (hairless) cats.  Piglet is "Pink" and she eats and looks like a little piglet.  Then the baby is Blu or "My Baby Bonnie Bluebell" and she is a bluish color.  Hence the inspiration for the 2 cat magnets. They also hangout with me while I work. They are always willing to help and give advice. The eldest is MaryJane.  She is a "tortie" a calico if she had hair.  I do not have anything representing her yet, but soon.
MaryJane, Blu & Piglet a few years ago
Blu - The Assistant

Piglet - VP-Quality Control

I live in South Florida and these colors have always been popular.
My current pairing canvas is this "Key West Cottage" by Needle Crossings that is almost done.  It will be framed and hung in my work room - formally known as my stitching room.  Vicky De Angelis paired the pink one with her "Deco Kitty" by Sharon G. (see her August 20th blog at mostlyneedlepoint.com)