Thursday, March 14, 2019

Easy as Pie Beading using Accoutrement Design Tools

Happy Pi Day!

         Attach the case to your design with a Mag Friend makes for                                easier and faster beading!
·    You can flip the canvas to work on the back and the beads do not fall off! 
(Be sure beads are touching the silicone and not mound up.)
·     A case can also be laid flat on the canvas or on a surface near you. 
·     Terrific for traveling! Use on planes, trains, boats and automobiles.  
·     They are wonderful for transporting to and from class or a stitching group. 
·     Cases are even more awesome for storing! The silicone does not leave any residue on your beads/crystals. Revitalize the stickiness of the mat with a little water using a damp cloth if necessary.

Cases come Accoutrement Topped, plain or printed in many colors.

Current colors available

Mag Friend and matching Accoutrement Topped Case

Printed cases

Alternatively, cases come with 2 magnets inside to 
store scissors and needles.

Mag Friends keep your scissor and other metal tools handy not just on the canvas but on your person.
They make great pins on a lapel, shawl or scarf too!