Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Special Holiday Card and Gift

I received this Christmas Card last year.  
It was so beautiful and appropriate I kept it!  
Why not create your own!  

A simple version is take a magnet and put it on a card or tag.  This makes a great gift for any hostess, cookie exchange, gift exchange and if the person is a stitcher, all the better!
Christmas Tree Cookie 
Gingerbread man Cookie
You can even use your needleminder as your drink charm!
How is that for multipurpose use!
Smaller magnets work best, particularly for the foot of the glass.  The glass has to be one with a high inset.  Be sure to drink from the other side if you are using it on the bowl or near the rim.

Needleminder, to pin, to drink charm and back home on the canvas.

Heart in pink or purple being introduced at the January Market along with many other new and exciting designs.  Stay tuned!

Wishing you a Happy and Health Holiday Season!