Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TNNA - Long Beach Sample It! packages

For those attending TNNA's Long Beach Market these are the 
two packages at Sample It! on Friday Feb 1st
(limited quantities and special price)
Accoutrement Designs
Table #72
(off to the left near the middle)

This is an excellent opportunity to take home Valentines and 
New Spring Items from Market for immediate sale! 
A Baker's Dozen of  magnets - 12 Glamorous and 1 Monster.

"A Year in Magnets"
Champagne (Pink or White) - January, Red Heart - February, Clear Shamrock - March,
  NEW Spring Heart - April, NEW Gold Bee - May, Flag Heart - June, Liberty Bell - July, Watermelon - August, Gold Pear - September, Ghost - October, Acorn - November,
Christmas Tree - December and a Pink Heart to top it all off!

"Spring Fling"
Red Heart, Pink Heart, 2 Clear Hearts, Clear Shamrock, New Spring Heart,
New Gold Bee, Lady Bug, 2 Silver Bees, Bicycle (white or red),
Picture Frame and a flower (one of the ones below)

Sunflower, Pink Rose, Pink or Blue Tulip

Some of the items in these packages will be SOLD OUT or
 limited quantities available after this event.  
Get them while you can!
Receipts will be in the bag and 
3 people available for a fast and efficient checkout.