Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I just LOVE receiving packages.  I remember as a child receiving care packages from my grandparents throughout the year. It was like my Birthday and Christmas all the time.  When Christmas came it was fantastic!  An advantage to having all the family living elsewhere. I got to open the BIG box that had all these little presents and goodies. The perishables got to be opened and eaten immediately. Black Forest Gummy Bears, cheese, homemade jams and Stollen - yum.  Years ago, those items were not readily available at the local markets. You had to travel or know someone there who could send you care packages.  I would take all the pretty wrapped presents, put them under the tree and rearrange them every time a new box came.  I called it "decorating" or "organizing" but I am sure it was just an excuse to touch and move things around.

It is not much different these days. My friends joke that between my husband and I we receive packages practically daily from all sources (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL) you name it.  In the past I have signed up for many series and classes.   Every time a package comes I go through it and rearrange my stash or accoutrement.  All be it now, it is my needlepoint, beading and the latest items are for Fob Friends and Mag Friends by Accoutrement Designs.  Yesterday's package was for The Mag Friends Breast Cancer Awareness magnet.  It is sure to be as popular on your needlepoint project as it is to wear.  Contact your LNS or retailer to get yours soon as I expect they will be in high demand.

By the way, Saturday's and today's packages were Accoutrement Design's packaging.